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Joe Elefante

Educational Leadership and Policy Scholar

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Joe Elefante is a PhD student in Educational Leadership Policy at Texas Tech University. He holds an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University and a B.A. in Music Performance from New Jersey City University. His research interests include methods of measuring student success, teacher evaluations, and school quality,  assessing arts education in school settings, and measuring outcomes of arts education. In addition to his doctoral studies, Joe is currently the Supervisor of Fine & Performing Arts, Family & Consumer Science, and Business Education for the City of Rahway Public Schools in New Jersey.

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Kirksey, J. J. & Elefante, J. (In Press, 2023).

A Crisis in the Opportunity to Learn: Addressing the Causes and Consequences of Missing School. In J.L. Matson (Ed.), Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology: Theory to Practice. Springer Nature.

Kirksey, J. J. & Elefante, J. (2022).

Familiar Faces in High School: How Having the Same Peers from Year-to-Year Links to Student Absenteeism. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR).

Galegher, E., Davidson, P., Elefante, J., Bright, G., & Damaschke-Deitrick, L., (2022).

Policy, Preparation, and Practice of School Leaders: A Review of Policy to Practice in Educational Leadership to Meet the Needs of Refugee and Immigrant Students. In A. W. Wiseman (Ed.), Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2021. Emerald.

Elefante, J. (Under Initial Review)

Music Ensemble Participation and the Moderation of Texas's HB 5 on Student Attendance

Elefante, J. (Under Initial Review).

Examining the Association of Value-Added Teacher Evaluation Criteria on Student Achievement.

Elefante, J. & Osborne, J. (Under Initial Review)

Evaluating AchieveNJ: An Anti-Hero Policy Narrative.

Gottlieb, J. J., Anglin, K. L., Elefante, J. (Under Initial Review).

Pandemic Policy Narratives of Teachers through Tweets.

Anglin, K. L., Gottlieb, J. J., Elefante, J. (Under Initial Review).

The Narrative Policy Framework at Scale: Using Natural Language Processing to Understand Narratives Surrounding Public Policy Design and Implementation.

Kirksey, J. J., Lansford, T., & Elefante, J. (Under Initial Review)

Five Days a Week, Six Periods a Day: Classes Students Miss Most Frequently and Associated Academic Declines.

Elefante, J. (2021)

Value-Added Teacher Evaluation Criteria Post-Race to the Top. American Journal of Education Forum.

Elefante, J. (2021)

The Ever-Narrowing Curriculum: A Case for Arts Education. American Journal of Education Forum.

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